Turkish Bath Full Package with Massage


Hammam in Antalya-Hammam is a Turkish bath made entirely of gravestone, which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in all apartments. The walls are decorated with magnificently beautiful pipe panels, fascinating with their patterns. The loftiest temperature is 50 degrees, but the humidity reaches 100. There are also apartments with a lower temperature. Since ancient times, all apartments have been precisely planned in such a way that humidity condensation, collecting, doesn’t drop onto the head. In the center of the apartments, there’s a gravestone, the temperature of which is several degrees advanced than the body temperature. This, in turn, allows you to relax as important as possible during colorful procedures.


Day 1

Transfer from the hotel in a comfortable car to the hammam in Antalya
Warming up the body in a steam sauna
Salt room (strengthens the immune system and enhances relaxation)
Body peeling with a special cotton kese mitt – deeply cleanses pores, improves blood circulation
Relaxing massage with natural olive oil foam
Aroma massage (with natural oils)
Tea drinking in the relax zone (various drinks and fruits)
Return to hotels in a comfortable car.
The total treatment time is about 2 hours.

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