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About City

Discover the beauties of Antalya for best tour prices with us, if you want to grasp the soul of this city in a short time: go on our Antalya day trip tours. Make the most of this city in short hours, visiting the highlights places of precious Antalya. Ancient Lycian cities like Phaselis, Termessos, Olympos, Side/ Perge is a must-see in Antalya as they hold an important place in the world history and Greek mythology. The remarkable ancient theatre in Termessos known as the Maccha Pichu of Turkey is worth a visit. As well as the Aspendos’ ancient theatre –the biggest & best-preserved Roman amphitheater in the world. You can go up to 2200 meters high in the Olympos mountain with cable car/ Telerik tour, where Zeus is believed to reside in Greek Mythology.

If you have more time to appreciate this city, then we advise you to go on a daily Pamukkale excursion or one-night two-days tour package, in which you can experience the hot springs that are part of UNESCO World Heritage –famous for its healing qualities as a natural spa. If you would like to fly on the hot air balloon, or just witness the fairytale scenery of Cappadocia you should not hesitate to go on a two- days Cappadocia tour. Another remarkable place is the Sunken City Kekova and St. Nicholas Church and the old ancient city where Santa Claus was born in Demre.

Some Advices to do

Apart from the magical places to visit, there are many activities to do in Antalya. You can enjoy Antalya Rafting tour in the famous Beskonak river aka Köprülü Kanyon, or go on a Quad& Jeep Safari tour. Recommended activities for families with children might be visiting the Zoo or spending a day at the Land of Legends theme park which is the biggest theme park in Europe with huge roller-coasters and water slides. Seeing the admirable dolphin show is also an option. You can also spend your days at the sea by joining pirate boat tour in Kemer, or enjoy your own private yacht with our Antalya yacht/ Motoryacht rental service.

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